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Wanprich Metallurgy D.O.O. is a joint-stock business establishment integrated with producting, marking, technical services and information services with eligibility for conducting import and export business independently.We are in production of GraphiteElectrode ( 30000MT per Year ), Carbon Additive /Calcined Anthracite Coal( 30000MT per Year ), Calcium Aluminate ( 40000MT per Year).The Plant of GraphiteElectrode has a complete producing line from material-calcining (three sets) to Extrusion (one set 3500 tons pressure, two sets 2500 tons pressure),Impregnation (two sets of vacuum impregnation)、Graphitization (two sets LWG Graphitization Furnace)、the machining process (computer control). We are supplying 100-700mm Graphite Electrode with specification RP, HP, SHP and UHP. 

The Plant of Carbon Additive / Calcined Anthracite Coal has5 set calcining furnace, and we can supply 30000MT/year with15 of type of Carbon additive (C content from 85% to 99%). Especially our product has advantage of low sulfur、hydrogen oxygen、nitrogen content. 

The Plant Calcium Aluminate has 3 of the Gas Melting furnace, they can produce Calcium Aluminate 40000 tons per year. Especially our product has the advantage of content, low Ferro content and low melting point. Our products mainly export to Europe and Middle East.


It has Wanprich Metallurgy D.O.O.’s target “to attach great importance to product quality and to creating a renowned enterprise”. we have a lot of Good quality Administrators, experienced and professional technicians, and our seriously skilled workers and our whole strict quality control system,We have good quality production equipment and high quality raw material.


All-of our products are good quality and are widely sold in the domestic and international markets.We are enjoyed high reputation for our good quality and satisfied service.We extend the warm welcome to both the home and the overseas counterparts to visit and to conduct business talks with us, seeking cooperation for mutual development.

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Graphite Electrode

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